Friday, August 7, 2015

Boss - rival -politician

At every work place, office politics is common. Employees face tremendous hurdles in their work and career-building just because of office politics. Alas! Immediate bosses are happy in their lives; scheming and plotting.

Why do bosses or even colleagues do politics?

I think they lack confidence in their work. Or maybe, they don't know their work at all. So they are scared of others. They can't stand their ‘junior’ or rivals, especially the one that seems competent  in every sense of his job. These Seniors-bosses-rivals scheme all the time to cut-out the good, competent employee. They use their energy in this negative pursuit, and heartlessly play with the future of others. They do not care about other people’s life. 
Neither do they do proper work themselves, instead, they continuously taunt or try to dissipate the energy of new competent employees. 
Under such circumstances, despite having a year of work experience, the junior lacks technical expertise. There was no proper, positive training. He is unable to do any office work.
He remain as naïve as the junior he was on First Day. Their is knowledge, but no idea on how to apply it.

Keep 'em busy

Some immediate bosses try to keep juniors busy in irrelevant work. They always degrade them. They want to keep them under pressure. They never give the true feedback to the company head, which is necessary for a junior to survive in a market saturated with un-skilled graduates. 
I do not understand why they have this negative thinking in their mind. No one can take the place of another. We should believe that the Guy at the top has provisions for all His people.
There is no rationale for this politics; it is nothing but a game with the junior’s future. 
Perhaps, it indicates the weakness in belief; self-belief, and belief in the nature’s ample resources. 

Last words

Bad bosses - Please do not play with the future of juniors. Colleagues- please do not play with future of your rivals. Try to understand, that for some, this job is a ‘necessity’. 

Say no to politics. Save your energy for positive things.