Sunday, June 7, 2015


Har haath milaney wala dost nahin hota. Really true.
In routine life, we meet many people and pretend ke they are our buddy, and that they care about us too much.
Basically log wohi achey hotay hein jo friend hon toh original, otherwise, there is no need to pretend. Limitted rahein.
Like in offices, we sit together, eat and live together, but internally, we don't accept each other and samney pretend as your 'dost'.
I think iss se behtar dost hi na ho jo sirf dramey karey and unsey you can't share your life issues, and can't trust them. They are basically fair weather friends.
Jab koi aap ke issues sun-nein mein bhi interested na ho. Even sometimes hum bataana start kar hi rahey hon, aur unkey chahrey ke tasurat achanak se boriyat ka izhar karney lagtey hein.
But these fair weather friends try to interrupt us. In only enjoyable matters, or matters in which they have masla, otherwise, no interest at all.
Ajeeb ye hota hai ke because some reasons we can't leave them, and majbooran tolerate them.
Asal dost toh apki ankhon aur chehray ke tasuraat se khushi aur gham ko pehchaan jatey hein. Apkey baat karney ke style se they know ke dost khush hey ya udaas. And they find solutions to resolve issues and at least, give time to listen to the problem.
To give some then hope to get some. Expectations hamesha jub rakho jub dosrey ke liye aap bhi sacrifice de chukey ho, ya karney ka jazba rakhtey hon.